In previous months, we have dealt with the latest modifications to the POLYBET technology, which was developed and manufactured for commercial installation. At the end of last year, FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) tests were successfully passed. We are now gradually moving the technology behind our workshops to the place of installation to the customer in Poland.

    How is POLYBET technology different from the pilot unit we already operate? In particular, the production capacity, which can be up to 7,000 tons of composite per year, while processing, depending on the degree of filling of the composite, 4 to 7,000 tons of plastic waste. Furthermore, the concept of pre-preparation of individual components of the final composite mixture and, last but not least, the final treatment and production of the final product. At the same time, the device is designed for almost continuous operation (except for the necessary downtimes for inspections, revisions and replacement of consumables).

    The product of this particular line are extruded and further rolled profiles, which further serve for the final assembly of the final product. It is the concept of extrusion, calibration and rolling of this type of composite that is completely new, and we have not found a similarly working technology in the world.