Last week, a meeting of our employees with partners from Brno University of Technology took place regarding the project Development of a utilization dryer for sewage sludge, which is currently being implemented.

    As part of the meeting of the research team, researchers from VIA ALTA were conducted by the chemical engineering laboratory, where they were introduced to the laboratory experimental Scrubber, which uses the principles of chemisorption in the process of waste gas purification. In the development of our technologies, we strive for a comprehensive solution to the problem, which sometimes brings us to areas distant to us. Thanks to our academic partners, no problem can be solved for us, so a discussion was started about the application of similar equipment to our utilization dryer. Furthermore, the researchers dealt with the design concept of a laboratory dryer, which will be used to verify hypotheses and test the entire spectrum of sludge samples, while the data obtained will be applied in the development of industrial technology as the main output of the project. The implementation of the project, so it goes beyond expectations and thanks to the prevailing friendly atmosphere, each meeting of the research team is not only a work duty, but also joy and inspiration.

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