Alta Via 1 is one of the longest (approx. 150 km) alpine paths (so called “ferrata”) in Italian east Dolomites. It is not considered demanding, however there are some really demanding passages on the way. The name of our company was inspired by this particular path. We focus on long-term and complex solutions of projects, which might have easier and more demanding passages. May VIA ALTA be your guide on the way to complex technical and engineering projects. As well as you need a good and experienced tour guide while at a mountain hike, you need an experienced and welcoming partner for your complex engineer projects realization. We connect technical and scientific knowledge, we use rules of the nature and of the natural and human resources to create innovative solutions, which fulfil all possible security and functional criteria regarding economics, society and environment. We do it the same way as the alpine tour guide connects his strength, experience and knowledge of the mountains.