VIA ALTA mission


We bring the world revolutionary and progressive technical and technological solutions for the recovery of waste, so that waste is no longer a waste, but always an input / material / source for further production and use without a long-term negative impact on the environment.

Who we are?

We are R&D engineering company focusing on research, development, design, production, supply and maintenance of single-purpose machinery. We specifically focus on the area of ​​waste management and especially on technologies for the material recovery of mixed waste plastics and biodegradable waste. However, our team also designs and implements other single-purpose industrial machinery and process equipment in other industries and tailored to the technological needs of customers.

We have our own development, design and production facilities and workshops with equipment for material cutting, machining, welding, forming and surface treatment, which allow us to manufacture the main components and the overall assembly of our technologies. Where our current equipment is insufficient, we love to cooperate with a wide range of subcontractors - however, we are still responsible for the quality and functionality of the technology. And when our expertise is insufficient, we turn to our academic partners with confidence (TU Brno, MENDELU Brno, CTU Prague, VŠB-TUO and others).

The POLYBET technology developed by us for the material recovery of mixed waste plastics and MULTIFERM for the material recovery of biodegradable waste, sewage sludge and gastro-waste, protected by utility models are unique devices not only in the scale of the Czech Republic.

We combine technical and scientific knowledge with natural laws and human resources to create innovative solutions that meet safety and functional criteria with respect to the economy, society, and the environment. There are no small or large projects for us, only challenges.