VIA ALTA Inc., has provided its reliable and high quality services to many various clients within its 15 years of experience in the field of engineering and supplier solutions. These clients vary from international corporations to small tradesmen, from states, regions and big cities to the smallest villages, from big universities to small research and development workplaces in the Czech republic as well as from abroad.


We provide complex engineering service and supplies in the field of waste technology and industrial ecology. We find suitable and tailor made solutions for you and your company. We will solve everything from the first scratch of a design of your technical and technological solution, through the case, project and detailed construction up to the actual delivery and realization. An indivisible part of our services are complementary engineering activities – especially operations consultancy, technical supervision and project management, grant management, providing of expert studies, analysis and reviews (e.g. analysis of reliability and sustainability, energetic audits, studies of environmental effects etc.) and of course, we provide complete technical service and maintenance activities.


We apply modern engineering approaches to our activities, and also methods of project and process management and modern 3D design systems. We connect technical and scientific knowledge, we use the rules of the nature as well as natural and human resources to create innovative solutions, which fulfil the security and functional criteria regarding economics, society and environment.


There are no small or big projects for us, just challenges. Be it small delivery of operations material or spare parts to a local company or complex design and delivery of recycling centre abroad. Our engineering approach will be the same every time – with maximum devotion, invention and always to meet the satisfaction of our clients needs.


The work for our clients move us forward…we look forward to working for you… sincerely yours VIA ALTA.