New official address VIA ALTA a.s.

Since 24th July 2019 new official address VIA ALTA a.s., Nádražní 377, 675 21 Okříšky.


We introduce the MULTIFERM G - a unique food waste pre-treatment technology

We introduce the MULTIFERM G - a unique food waste pre-treatment technology for further post-processing by conventional windrow composting.


Start of cooperation with CEITEC Research Institute

6.2.2019 - At the opening meeting we agreed the cooperation with the research group Advanced polymer materials and composites of Professor Josef Jančar of Brno CEITEC.


Development of cooperation with english partner ImpactAir Systems

Representatives of VIA ALTA visited their business partner in Leicester, England, to develop cooperation with our company as the exclusive business and engineering agency for the Czech and Slovak Republics.