We introduce the MULTIFERM G - a unique food waste pre-treatment technology for further post-processing by conventional windrow composting  - we are convinced that there is finally the first economically rational solution.


    Food waste pre-treatment technology for further post-processing by conventional windrow composting

    • hygienisation and decomposition in accordance with applicable european legislation
    • capacity of 500 t food waste / 1 reactor per year
    • without additional heat source
    • easily integrated into the existing composting plant
    • automatic handling and washing of containers
    • odorless - closed ventilation system
    • input material composition 1:1 with conventional BRKO
    • without internal moving parts - minimal maintenance costs, reliability
    • cycle 1-2 days
    • minimum area requirements - 40 m2, ie. 0.08 m2 / t of capacity
    • economically rational solution (operating costs approx. 5 EUR / t, operating costs including depreciation of equipment (10 years) approx. 25 EUR / t)



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