Research and development of 3D printers for use in civil engineering

Research and development of 3D printers for use in civil engineering



The emerging area of ​​3D printing in the Czech Republic is still in place, but worldwide it is already a dynamically developing technology usable in prototype, piece production and tool making. The development of the 3D printer reflects the latest global trends and provides a completely new approach to manufacturing structural components usable in the construction industry. The main objective of this project is therefore the production of a prototype on which the additive production of prefabricated construction materials from the modified composite mixture based on hydraulic binders will be realized.

Together with the Institute of Additive Technologies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Brno is implementing a project dealing with additive production, namely the complete development of a 3D printer mainly for the production of building components from conventionally used concrete.

The undisputed advantage and benefit of this technology is a high degree of individualization and customization, a faster and better production process, simplified production and lower production costs. In particular, these aspects make room for the development of more complex building components and construction systems.

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