The Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic has issued a utility model for a print head with a rotating nozzle for 3D printing of concrete mixtures, which is registered under No. 34847. The company VIA ALTA a.s. together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology within the project Research and development of a 3D printer for use in construction.

    The print head with nozzle rotation is part of the technological unit, which is a 3D printer for the production of large-scale parts from concrete and other building mixtures. The print head is designed for continuous printing of concrete mix containing aggregate with a fraction of 0-8 mm. The main function of the print head is the extrusion of the concrete mixture with the possibility of regulating the amount of extruded material by means of a screw mechanism and its controlled directional yield by means of a rotating outlet nozzle. Other advantages of the print head include easy disassembly for cleaning and service.

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