Everything VIA ALTA does is based on research and development. Whether it is new materials or entire technological lines. We not only protect our research activities, results and outputs, but we also try to contribute with our activities to the expansion of the knowledge base in the given fields. That is why we share our knowledge in the form of publications and contributions to conferences and scientific publications. This time, VIA ALTA focused its efforts on research and development of a composite material from waste raw materials capable of effectively shielding ionizing radiation. The company already has extensive experience in the field of polymer composites and is trying not only to find new applications for these materials, but also to research and modify their properties in relation to potential use in other industrial areas. The material can be used for applications not only in the nuclear industry, but wherever sources of ionizing radiation are used. The composite is completely competitive and in some useful parameters even exceeds the properties of conventional materials, while using waste raw materials as input material for its production. You can read more about our research in the WASTE FORUM magazine, where we published an article about the new useful properties of this composite developed by us.

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